all done up in a bow
all done up in a bow

about me
i basically started this blog to post a ton of
florence welch and natasha khan
without anyone getting irritated at me.
there'll probably be some other people mixed in there, too.
but, really, you've been warned.
i think i may just stop using the internet altogether

(except for required schoolwork, obviously)

i just can’t stand the whole environment anymore,
hostility to strangers,
people acting superior,
not to mention spending time looking at a screen when i could be outside.

i feel like it’s a waste of time,
people aren’t even cordial half the time,
and i can’t see why i come on.

looking forward to a hopefully mostly computer-free summer.
going to see Lucinda Williams and Amos Lee,
to go out to the beach,
to read tons,
to draw,
to just enjoy summer to the best of my ability past all the work i have to do. 

The Sea Is Calm by CocoRosie

Bat's Mouth by Bat For Lashes



i think there’s a reason people don’t find themselves attractive…

i mean, if i found myself attractive i’d end up marrying someone who looked like me,
and that would be bizarre. 

Daniel by Bat For Lashes

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